Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The "I have 2 orkut accounts problem"

This is a problem that a lot of people tell me about. I have 2 orkut accounts or separate Gmail and orkut accounts but how do i open them both in Firefox. Opening 2 separate windows doesn't work.

Well the solution is pretty simple if you follow the following Step by Step. This is a solution on Windows which i believe is the majority audience here.

  1. Close all firefox windows, including any download windows.

  2. Right click on My Computer. Click on properties. You will see a tab "Advanced". Click on that and then click on the button "Environment vairables".
    Now click on New and a small dialog box will appear asking you for Variable Name and Variable Value. In the variable name field write MOZ_NO_REMOTE

    Make sure its in Capital Only. In the variable value field enter 1.

    Now click on OK in the dialog Box, and then OK in the System Vairbales Dialog.

  3. Go to Start->run. Type firefox.exe -ProfileManager.You will see a window like below. Here Click on "Create Profile" and then create a profile named "Separate Gmail". Once you do that and click on finish you will see 2 profiles "default" and "Separate Gmail". Click on default and Make sure "Don't ask on startup" checkbox is selected. Now click on "Start Firefox". This opens a Firefox window, login to your orkut/gmail account.

  4. Now for opening a separate window with your other account, we will first create a shortcut. Go to your Desktop, right click and click on New->Shortcut. This will open a Create Shortcut dialog. In the location box enter the following String
    "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -p SeparateGmail
    In case you selected some other directory while installing firefox navigate to that directory and select firefox.exe. Once you do that at the end add " -p SeparateGmail"(without quotes).
    Now click on Next and give an appropriate name to this shortcut, say Separate Gmail Firefox.

  5. This will add another Firefox icon to your desktop, with the above name. Now double click on that to open another firefox window. Now go to orkut/gmail , you will see the login screen, login with your other account and you are there.
    Please Note: The Firefox window opened through this shortcut will not have your settings like proxy settings, addons etc. You will have to add them again for this profile.

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