Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Hello, and a very warm welcome to all of you looking to start your life as an open source developer.
I am using this space to enlist the things that iam going through as a novice open source developer.My primary focus right now is to get involved in one of the GNU projects as i ahve been influenced a lot by the FSF thoughts esp the thoughts of Prof G. Nagarjuna who is the chairman of FSF India. My second love in technology is mobile devices and applications. The current project that interests me the most is The GPE Palmtop Environment, http://gpe.handhelds.org/ whcih marries the GNU idea to the new and emerging field of mobile devices.
I came accross this as a part of the bounties that the Ubuntu linux project has for google summer of code program, which is a great program for student OSS developers to get paid for doing what they do best right open code. Anyways thats it for the first post, i hope this blog will be helpful as it develops to novice OSS developers.

Time to time just to keep it refreshed i will also post about european football which is my second pasiion(Iam a barca man).

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